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Newsletter 2014

May 26, 2014

Subject :

Innovative Colour Detection Functions with KEYENCE CZ series!

Detect Colors With Confidence!
By combining a red, green, and blue light source with detection based on the ratio of color returned, the CZ-V Series is able to stably and accurately detect up to eight different colors!
Learn How to Usefully Implement 1D & 2D Code Readers
Communication programming is simple with the built-in features of the SR series code readers.
[Methods of Use for Digital Microscopes] An Introduction to Example Applications for Cutting-Edge Research
We are introducing you to a wealth of observation examples in which "Methods of Use for Digital Microscopes" are utilized in worksites that conduct research and development for technology and products in cutting-edge fields.
[Latest Edition] Lessons on Expert Techniques for Pattern Search
Master the pattern search tool in just 10 minutes!
Collection of Latest Non-Contact Measurement Examples for Your Industry
See the latest hit applications in cutting-edge processes utilizing the latest technologies.
Multi-axis Control with a Compact PLC!
Conduct Positioning Control of Transfer, Assembly, and Other Such Equipment with the KV Nano Series.

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