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Newsletter 2014

March 17, 2014

Subject :

Incredibly Stable Character Recognition Inspection for the Most Demanding of Applications

Download a Free Copy of the Latest in Our Series of Technical Documents: Image Processing OCR Tool
An Introduction to a Range of Information, From the Principle behind Marking Inspection to Useful Functions
2D In-process Dimensional Measurement System
Get the Functionality of a Measurement Projector, Now In-line.
An Introduction to Our "Microscope Technical Guide <Lens Technology Version>"
We would like to introduce you to a collection of various pieces of information related to microscope lens technology.
Haven't you happened to meet a trouble about 2D codes?
This document leads you to the success.
Color Sorting Applications Finally Made Easy
High-power RGB sensing technology provides true color detection for the most demanding applications.
An Introduction to Our Image Sensor-PLC Connection Guide
A Guide on Connecting the CV-X100 Series Image Sensor with the KV-5500 Series High-Speed PLC
For those who do not own our PLC software, use the link below to apply for a free copy.

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