Machine Operation Recorder function

1. Recording

Records all devices, cameras, and events. All equipment data is recorded automatically.

The operation recording function records all equipment information before and after a shutdown. This enables to see exactly what happened both before and after the event.

All devices, cameras, and events [Records all equipment data]

2. Playback

Synchronised playback of all recorded device, camera, and event data.

Recorded data is synchronised by time for retrospective monitoring. Playback of ladder programs, camera images, and events can be synchronised by time, allowing for an accurate understanding of the status without the need to be on site.

Synchronised playback of recorded data [Replay mode]

3. Analysis

Ladder program analysis function for identifying the cause of problems.

Ladder programs are analysed automatically, and the built-in relation mapping function organises all related devices into a tree format. A waveform comparison function capable of overlaying normal and abnormal signal waveforms is also available, allowing for improved debugging performance.

Automatic detection of related devices [Relation mapping], Comparison of differences with a normal cycle [Waveform comparison function]

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