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Robots Guiding Our Automation World
The use of industrial robots is increasing at a rapid pace all around the world. Learn now from actual case-studies the benefits of introducing a vision-guided robot to solve problems in precision, multi-variety production and design at production sites.
Surface Roughness Ruling the Quality World
Looking ahead, surface roughness measurements are getting important not only for finish and appearance quality, but also to control product service life and mechanical efficiency. Explore some new interesting applicable examples in this article.
Smaller Size is Getting the Likes
Static eliminators or ionizers used to be quite bulky and troublesome to set up. Now, a more compact design allows us to install it at narrow spaces or even retrofit into existing equipment. Go small now, find out more.
Sensing Application in the Electric Vehicle Industry
Another new topic recently is the electric vehicle industry. Find out how industrial suppliers are contributing in this new venture, from the battery inspections to the motor and inverter applications.
The Concept of Traceability
In the manufacturing world, company needs to take effective measures promptly when there's a quality problem. Slow response will lead to distrust. That's why more companies are looking into a reliable traceability system. Here's one article to give you a brief concept of traceability.
Get Faster Measurement This New Year
Besides that, increase yield rate and reliability easily with this advanced dimension measurement equipment. Best suited for part size below 300mm, this machine has solved the tedious long hours of measurement process in many companies.
Onboard IoT with KEYENCE!
Using KEYENCE products currently? Good news, our PLC connects automatically to over 170 types of KEYENCE sensors, configuring or changing the settings are simply not necessary anymore. Save the hassle now.
Bring Safety to Another Level
Protect yourself and your members against access into hazardous points and areas with our safety light curtain. Select designs that tackle the most common problem everyone is facing: damage from environmental impact.
Compress All The Goodness Into One
Saving space and cost, get a system that solves the limitation of 4 types of microscopes and combines the good functions into just 1 system. The 4 types of microscopes are stereo microscope, metallurgical microscope, SEM and measuring microscope. Take a look.
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