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Take a look at some of the actual manufacturing stories that have happened in Singapore. Discover the solutions they have tried and the principles behind these that have made the process successful eventually.
Slow Measurement Causing Lower Production
Company A is eager to take in more orders from customers. Their machining centre is capable of meeting this demand, but they cannot accept more orders because measurement confirmation from the QA side takes a long time, and this is hindering the entire process. Find out what this company did to solve this problem.
Intention to Change from Human Eye to Automation
Company B relies heavily on human eyes to judge whether the product is OK/NG. Initially, this was easy. However, as time went by, they faced numerous problems that have caused them headaches. For examples, when engineers are on leave or production rate increases, the company simply cannot cope with the inspection. The idea to solve this is to automate at least partially. Find out what they did in the end.
Endless Argument to Prove a Quality Issue
Company C got a complaint from their customer about a quality issue. In order to reconfirm the problem, they have engaged a third party lab to do some testing and analysis to find out the causes. However, it took a long time and cost a lot. Under this circumstance, they realised they need to find a long term way to tackle such problems in the future. Discover some of the ideas that were presented to them.
Juggle Production Volume & Speed of Quality Checking
Company D produces products which can directly affect people's safety, so quality checking was always the top priority. They have invested in a lot of different equipment to confirm all the dimensions, such as profile projectors, CMM, scopes, etc. This ensures 100% quality checking, the only problem is that the speed cannot keep up with the production. Look at how this problem was solved eventually.
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