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[New Product] Industry-First Static Eliminator That Makes Static Electricity Visible
We are proud to introduce our industry-first static eliminator that is equipped with a visualization light. This allows color changes according to whether the static electricity elimination has been successful. The ultra-compact design of this product means it can fit in the palm of your hand, making it easy to embed in devices or attach to existing devices. And since it doesn't require any specialized knowledge or peripheral equipment, you can easily try it out and expect reliable results. See it now!
Labour Shortages or High Measurement Operation Cost?
The Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series improves productivity by reducing inspection time drastically. Take a look at these applications that solve labor shortages for inspections.
Direct Part Marking - Resin & Plastic
Use this text to obtain specialized laser knowledge on the advantages of Direct Part Marking (DPM) with laser markers and how they can be utilized for resin products.
Light Curtain that Ensures Full Safety
Take a look at this Safety Support Guide Book which explains the minimum safety standards and necessary machine design to ensure 100% workplace safety.
One-Stop Solution for Traceability System
KEYENCE takes charge of the entire traceability process from the first step of marking to the last step of reading. Are you considering traceability? Read out more or approach us for more info!
Improves Welding Process to Get Higher Quality
We have collected various methods to improve welding processes. In this guide, it introduces interesting ways to use 2D/3D laser scanner to achieve it.
KV Series Startup Guide - Debugging and Monitoring
Designed for beginners, this guide covers everything from device startup to confirmation and monitoring methods for debugging, error handling, and changing, modifying, and correcting programs. This is a must-have for first-time KV Series users!
OCR Inspection Solutions for Tricky Problems
Common problems faced by everyone:
1. Can't recognize characters properly
2. Want to use OCR and code reading at the same time

This guide can help solve these problems by suggesting solutions using the latest image sensors, take a look now.
Research Facilities Are In Love With This
This guide features actual observation examples in various research facilities using the latest VHX-6000Digital Microscope Series. Find out why researchers are starting to love this microscope!
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