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          Inspection Products

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          Inspection Products

          Machine Vision, Measurement Systems, Microscopes, and Code Readers

          Inspecting parts in all phases of the manufacturing process is crucial for many of our customers. KEYENCE offers a wide range of products,
          used either on an assembly line or in a laboratory, to ensure our customers are achieving their quality goals.

          Our industry leading machine vision systems allow our customers to accurately and instantaneously perform visual quality control inspections
          that were not previously possible. For high precision measurement applications, we offer a variety of measurement systems to quickly communicate whether our customers' manufactured parts are good or no good. KEYENCE code readers can scan 2D or 1D codes at extremely fast speeds with unmatched accuracy.

          Machine Vision

          Machine Vision System Ultra-High-Speed and Flexible
          Machine Vision System
          • 11x High-Speed, 5 Million-Pixel Camera (Fastest in Class)
          • 3+1 Processor System: Ultra-High-Speed, Parallel Processing
          • Fully Customizable

          Laser Displacement Sensor

          Laser Displacement Sensor High-Speed, High-Accuracy
          Laser Displacement Sensors
          • Sampling Speed of 392 kHz (World’s Fastest)
          • Accuracy of ±0.02% (Industry Best)
          • Resolution of 0.0004 Mil (0.01μm) (Best in Class)

          Barcode Reader

          Barcode Reader Ultra-Compact
          Digital Barcode Readers
          • Decoding Speed (1300/sec) (Best in Class)
          • Noise and Compensation Functions
          • Automatic Calibration Function
          • High-Resolution and Long-Range Models

          Digital Microscope

          Digital Microscope High Resolution Images, 3D Profiles,
          and Superior Depth of Field.
          • Large Depth-of-Field: 20x Larger than Conventional Microscopes
          • Observe, Record and Measure - All with a Single System
          • 0.1-5000x Magnification Range

          Automation Products

          Inspection Products

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