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Imaging Examples

Electrical machinery and electronics industry

  • CCD


  • Soldering


  • IC pattern

    IC pattern

  • Solar battery

    Solar battery

  • PCB through-hole

    PCB through-hole

  • Inadequate BGA soldering

    Inadequate BGA soldering

  • Whisker observation

    Whisker observation

  • Bonding observation

    Bonding observation

  • ITO film

    ITO film

  • Plate soldering

    Plate soldering

  • Light-guiding plate

    Light-guiding plate

Automotive and metal industry

  • Gear


  • Metal fracture surface

    Metal fracture surface

  • Metal structure

    Metal structure

  • Screw measurement

    Screw measurement

  • Metal structure

    Metal structure

  • Mica observation

    Mica observation

  • Grindstone observation

    Grindstone observation

  • Bolt and screw appearance

    Bolt and screw appearance

  • Borescopes and Fibrescopes

    Borescopes and Fibrescopes

  • Processing surface of a CVT gear

    Processing surface of a CVT gear

Chemical and raw materials industry

  • Brush


  • Emulsion


  • Fibre


  • Residual stress

    Residual stress

  • Glass fractures

    Glass fractures

  • Heat insulator foam cells

    Heat insulator foam cells

  • Grain processing depth measurement

    Grain processing depth measurement

  • Gate portion and residual stress

    Gate portion and residual stress

  • Crystallised chemical observation

    Crystallised chemical observation

  • Sodium crystal

    Sodium crystal

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