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Long-Focal-Distance, High-Performance Zoom Lens VH-Z50L / Z50W / Z50T

Need more magnification or to free up the monitoring distance? Introducing the newly designed long working distance lens that answers both requests.

Feature 1

Long working distance lens with an 85 mm monitoring distance

With its optical design and advanced illumination technology, this lens achieves a maximum magnification of up to 500×
and a working distance of 85 mm. Capture even the recessed portions of a workpiece clearly.
Also, the ability to secure a work space means observation efficiency can be dramatically improved.

  • Easy observation of recessed portions
  • Image of an aluminium surface at 500×
Easy observation of recessed portions、Image of an aluminium surface at 500×

Feature 2

Wide-range zoom lens with 10× optical zoom

This lens offers a wide-range design for seamless viewing of a target from its entirety down to more in-depth observation.
The ability to change the magnification while maintaining an 85 mm viewing distance allows for drastic improvements to work efficiency.

  • Soldering cross-section, 50×
  • Soldering cross-section, 500×

Feature 3

Large depth of field approx. 3 times that of previous models

This lens has been designed to optimise depth-of-field, the most important feature of any microscope.
Clear observation of targets with irregular surfaces is possible thanks to a depth of field at least 3 times that of previous lenses.

Screw surface, 200×

  • Previous model VH-Z75 lens
  • VH-Z50L
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