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Small, high-performance zoom lens VH-Z20R / Z20W / Z20T

Customer needs concerning observation with microscopes have begun to change. In order to respond to such requests as “clearer, more accurate observability”, KEYENCE designed a small, high-performance zoom lens. Offering very high resolution, this lens is only 2/3 the size of previous models. This long-awaited high-performance lens also was made with no room for compromises, from depth of field capabilities and aberration control to telecentricity and design.

Feature 1

High resolution at twice that of previous models

Embodying many years of microscope expertise and the best of KEYENCE’s optical technology, this lens offers very high resolution.
The lens works together with the CCD’s high pixel count to demonstrate the microscope’s ability to its fullest.
This lens gives users the opportunity to see things not only clearly and accurately but also with a novel sense of excitement.

  • Previous model lens
  • VH-Z20

Feature 2

Depth of field with at least 20 times the depth of conventional KEYENCE microscopes

This lens has been designed to optimise depth-of-field,
the most important feature of any microscope.
With this lens, users are able to observe objects with a larger depth of field than previous lenses.
Targets with an irregular surface can be clearly observed with ease thanks to a depth of field.

  • Drill tip (optical microscope)
  • Drill tip (VH-Z20)

Feature 3

Wide-range zoom lens with 20× to 200×

10× optical zoom
Covering general purpose magnification from 20× to 200×, this lens offers a wide-range design for seamless viewing of a target from
its entirety down to more in-depth observation.

  • CCD, 20×
  • CCD, 200×
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