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VHX-5000 Observational power chosen by more than 10,000 companies

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Universal Zoom Lens VH-Z100UR / Z100UW / Z100UT

Bright-/dark-field, polarisation, transmission and DIC observation can be performed with this lens. DIC observation makes it possible to clearly visualise surface topography of low-contrast and transparent objects.

Feature 1

See micron-sized or smaller minute projections and depressions

Bringing out irregularities that are difficult to see with bright-field observation

By using a high-contrast DIC prism to split the optical axis in two and causing interference with reflected light,
this lens allows for clear capturing of targets with fine projections and depressions.
Get a clear view of scratches in metal and glass, undulations and unevenness of films,
and other irregularities.

Dents on metal surface, 300×

  • Bright field
  • Differential interference contrast

What is differential interference observation?

The built-in DIC prism splits the optical axis in two, and the light reflected back from the target is superimposed. The differences that arise from the projections and depressions on the surface are then expressed as contrast. This allows for clear observation of both a target’s fine irregularities as well as transparent objects, tasks that are not normally possible with conventional KEYENCE lenses.

Solar battery, 150×

  • Bright field
  • Differential interference contrast

Feature 2

A wide variety of observational applications is possible

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