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Wide-Range Zoom Lens VH-Z100R / Z100W / Z100T

This innovative lens was developed to satisfy the need for high-resolution, a long working distance, and a large depth-of-field. Provides both ring light and bright field illumination.

Feature 1

10× zoom offering 100× to 1000× observation magnification with
a monitoring distance of 25 mm

This lens offers a wide-range design for seamless viewing of a target, from searching for a point to expanded analysis.
The monitoring distance remains steady at 25 mm throughout the entire zoom range.
This all-around zoom lens offers improved workability in a variety of situations.

  • Soldering cross-section, 100×
  • Soldering cross-section, 1000×

Feature 2

2.5 times the resolution of previous models, suitable for 3D imaging

With its high resolution, this lens is suitable for capturing images at various
focal points and then using those images to construct a three-dimensional
image rendition.This allows for three-dimensional images to be created with
no further preparation needed.

  • Battery safety valve, 700×
  • Electrode hole, 1000×

Feature 3

Large depth of field approx. twice that of previous models

By precisely simulating the curvature of each lens and by adding proprietary coating technology,
KEYENCE has been able to significantly reduce the flare that occurs from the diffused reflection of the illumination.
Adding an optical aperture to the high-contrast, bright lens allows for even higher resolution and a larger depth of field.

Synthetic fibre, 150×

  • Previous models
  • VH-Z100R
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