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VHX-5000 Observational power chosen by more than 10,000 companies

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High-Performance Low-Range Zoom Lens VH-Z00R / Z00W / Z00T

With a range from 0.1× to 50× magnification, a target can be viewed from its entirety down to more in-depth observation. This macro lens excels in workability and high performance with click-style magnification adjustment, an aperture mechanism, and a viewing distance of 95 mm or more.

Feature 1

Macro zoom lens

This lens is designed to offer a wide range of magnification, from 0.1× to 50×.
View a target from its entirety down to more in-depth observation. In addition,
thanks to a monitoring distance of at least 95 mm, it’s possible not only to secure space between
the lens and subject but also to achieve observation with excellent workability.

  • Entire target
  • 50×

Feature 2

Large depth of field

From those looking for a larger depth of field to those looking to maintain resolution,
this lens offers observation as expected for the applicable scene thanks to a mounted optical aperture mechanism.
Not only is this lens a micro lens, it is also a high-performance zoom lens with a built-in optical aperture mechanism.

  • Without an optical aperture
  • With an optical aperture

Feature 3

Complete removal of reflected light

Capture a clear view with no reflected light just by attaching a non-reflective illumination ring (optional accessory) to the end of the lens.
Also completely remove unwanted reflections from macro observation-specific lighting.

Metal surface, 20×

  • Without a non-reflective illumination ring
  • With a non-reflective illumination ring
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