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High-Performance Low-Range Zoom Lens VH-Z00R / Z00W / Z00T

Macro zoom lens
With a range from 0.1× to 50× magnification, a target can be viewed from its entirety down to more in-depth observation. This macro lens excels in workability and high performance with click-style magnification adjustment, an aperture mechanism, and a viewing distance of 95 mm or more.

Small, high-performance zoom lens VH-Z20R / Z20W / Z20T

Versatile lens provides high-resolution imaging with large depth-of-field
The VH-Z20R / Z20W / Z20T offers high-resolution observation at general-purpose magnifications of 20× to 200×. This lens has been designed to optimise both depth-of-field and resolution and can also be used in handheld mode.

Universal Zoom Lens VH-Z20UR / Z20UW / Z20UT

Optimal illumination at the push of a button
The VH-Z20UR / Z20UW / Z20UT is capable of capturing bright- and dark-field images, partial images, and differential interference contrast images at general-purpose magnifications of 20× to 200×. With differential interference observation, micron-sized or smaller projections and depressions can be clearly observed over a large area.

Long-Focal-Distance, High-Performance Zoom Lens VH-Z50L / Z50W / Z50T

500× max. magnification lens with an 85 mm working distance
With its optical design and advanced illumination technology, this lens achieves a maximum magnification of up to 500× and a working distance of 85 mm. Capture even the recessed portions of a workpiece clearly.

Wide-Range Zoom Lens VH-Z100R / Z100W / Z100T

High-resolution lens with a long working distance
This innovative lens was developed to satisfy the need for high-resolution, a long working distance, and a large depth-of-field. Provides both ring light and bright field illumination.

Universal Zoom Lens VH-Z100UR / Z100UW / Z100UT

Differential interference contrast capability
Bright-/dark-field, polarisation, transmission and DIC observation can be performed with this lens. DIC observation makes it possible to clearly visualise surface topography of low-contrast and transparent objects.

Dual Light High-Magnification Zoom Lens VH-Z250R / Z250W / Z250T

Switch freely between bright and dark field views
The VH-Z250R / Z250W / Z250T is equipped with two illumination functions on the lens, coaxial illumination and ring illumination. Eliminating the need to replace the lens and lighting, this feature also greatly reduces the time required for observation.

High-Resolution Zoom LensVH-Z500R / Z500W / Z500T

KEYENCE’s highest magnification/resolution zoom lens
This zoom lens incorporates high-resolution fluorite optics. With an N.A. of 0.82, achieve up to 5000× magnification with a 4.4 mm working distance.

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