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VHX-5000 Observational power chosen by more than 10,000 companies

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Feature 4

All-in-one design embodying
20+ years of craft

The “Observe, capture, measure” workflow, which forms the starting point of our microscope, continues to be KEYENCE’s aim. With the ability to complete all operation with just one unit, the VHX-5000 helps reduce wasted time, allowing the user to concentrate on the original analysis and development.

Feature 4-1

Large depth of field and 360°
of free-angle observation

View areas that can’t be viewed directly from above, just as if you were looking at the workpiece by hand. The thorough attention to usability also means that the target stays on the screen even while changing the angle. In addition, the large depth of field allows for observation of a fully focused image even when tilted.

Feature 4-2

Measuring capabilities that
can rival dedicated measuring

The VHX-5000 offers more than 20 two-dimensional measurement menus and more than 10 three-dimensional measurement menus for quantification of any area of a target. Visible impressions are expressed as values for a fresh imagining of data that’s clearer and more pertinent.

Feature 4-3

Data that’s verifiable whenever, wherever

The microscope can store up to approx. 1,680,000 images, so you never have to worry about running out of space. Saved images can also easily be used over LAN or with USB devices. Automatic creation of standard reports is also possible with commercially available software.

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