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VHX-5000 Observational power chosen by more than 10,000 companies

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Feature 1

No focus adjustment necessary

Thanks to a drastically improved camera frame rate, capturing a fully focused image with the entire field of
view in focus is as simple as displaying the location you want to capture.
The VHX-5000 introduces a new means of observation.

Feature 1-1

Always in full focus, wherever you want to observe

When the stage is moved in the XY direction, the Z axis also moves, and 50 images
at different focus positions are taken in seconds.From those images,
only those images with in-focus data are automatically extracted,
resulting in a fully focused image in as little as 1 second.

Feature 1-2

3D observation also possible

When capturing a fully focused image, focus position information is also analysed. This information is used to create a highly accurate three-dimensional surface. Because the 3D image offers a view similar to looking at the actual object, it’s possible to check for irregularities that would otherwise not show up in a photograph.

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