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Feature 3

Quick access to
advanced functions

Even the most advanced functions are meaningless if they can’t be used. That’s why KEYENCE enforces complete dedication to ease of use. Using the new Easy Mode function, users need only select the desired observation mode, and the microscope will automatically configure the optimum settings.

Feature 3-1

Let the microscope handle
the fine adjustments

The VHX-5000 offers advanced features not found in conventional KEYENCE microscopes, including glare reduction and increased resolution. Just select the effect strength based on the target for clear images unlike anything ever seen.

3D observation also possible

Feature 3-2

Easy even for first-time users
for universal usability

When a function requires multiple steps, a display appears next to the button for the next operation. This feature makes it possible to perform 3D analysis without reading the instruction manual and instead just following the on-screen instructions.

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