Customizable Vision System

XG-7000 series


The XG Series offers standard programming directly with the controller or advanced programming using the optional Vision Editor PC software.

    • Flexible Hardware
    • Fully Customisable
    • Flow Chart Programming
    • Powerful Toolset
    • Script Based Calculation Function
    • C-Language Unit
    • ActiveX Control
    • The XG is a single system that meets all of your image processing needs with the simplicity of a stand-alone vision system, yet providing the flexibility of a PC-based system.

    • A diverse selection of integration options and utilities for use in any facility

    • The XG Series offers the power to solve even the most difficult of vision applications.

    • Machine vision application examples in the Electrical and Electronic Industries.

    • Machine vision application examples in the Automotive and Metal Industries.

    • Machine vision application examples in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Other Industries.

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