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SR-1000 Series

SR-700 Series

SR-750 Series

Series Lineup

16 series listed below (including DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Series:

1D and 2D Code Readers

SR-1000 series - Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Reader

Code reader with high performance that anyone can use with ease.

SR-750 series - Compact 2D Code Reader

Our original corrective capture and process techniques provide the best-in-its-class reading capability even for difficult-to-read codes.

SR-700 series - Ultra-compact 1D and 2D Code Reader

Code reader with high performance that anyone can use with ease.

SR-600 series - 2D Code Reader (Fixed Type)

Reliably detects difficult-to-read and moving object codes. The new SR-600 Series optics were designed to overcome these conventional reader problems.

Discontinued Series

Replaced by SR-750 series

1D Code Readers

BL-1300 series - Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader

KEYENCE's new BL-1300 Series (3Hi-Digital) models. The first models in this class to use parallel digital processing technology.

BL-700 series - Long Range Laser Barcode Reader

Long range, 700 scans/sec., laser type barcode readers with Windows® setup software, offers a reading range of up to 47inches.(1200mm)

BL-600 series - Ultra-Compact Laser Barcode Reader

Half the size, twice the range of other Barcode Readers in its class, built-in PMI function for real time monitoring and reading performance reporting.

BL-180 series - CCD Barcode Reader

LED/CCD type barcode readers using a compact, space-saving design for mounting flexibility and OEM applications.

Discontinued Series

BL-500 series - Laser Barcode Reader

Replaced by BL-1300 series

Laser type barcode readers, with 500 scans/sec. Windows® setup software, reads bars as thin as 0.125 mm.

Handheld Readers


N-400 series - Multi-Drop Controller for BL Series

RS-485 Master Unit easily achieving multi-drop link

N-R2/R4/UB/L1 - Communication Unit

Communication unit dedicated for BL/SR/RF Series

DV-90 - AutoID Data Controller

The DV-90 can automatically verify/evaluate data, comes with extensive functions for barcode reader support and is cost effective.

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