Multi-voltage power supply,built-in amp.photoelectric sensors

PW series

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Sensor head










Thrubeam:with timer

Retro-refl ective:Standard

Retro-refl ective:with timer

Diffuse-refl ective:Standard

Diffuse-refl ective:with timer

Detecting distance

10 m *1

0.1 to 5 m (with R-1)

1 m (with 200 x 200 mm white mat paper)

Light source

Infrared LED

Detectable object

Opaque materials
(15 x 15 mm min.)*1

Opaque materials
(30 x 30 mm min.)

Opaque and transparent materials


20% max. of detecting distance
(150 mm min. detecting distance)

Sensitivity adjustment

1-turn trimmer (240°)

Response time

20 ms max.

Operation mode

LIGHT-ON/DARK-ON (switch-selectable)

Indicator lamp

Output: Red LED, Power: Red LED (thrubeam type only)

Timer function

0.1 to 5 s *2

0.1 to 5 s *2

0.1 to 5 s *2

Control output

SPST-NO relay contact, 250 VAC 3 A max., 30 VDC 3 A max. (resistive load)

Noise resistance

Square-wave noise by noise simulator: 1 kV p-p, 1 μs (across power terminals)


Power voltage

24 to 240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 12 to 240 VDC ±10%

Power consumption

3 VA max. (both transmitter and receiver)

3 VA max.

Environmental resistance

Insulation resistance

20 MΩ min. (between each terminal and case, using insulation resistance metre of 500 VDC)

Enclosure rating


Operating ambientluminance

Incandescent lamp: 5,000 lux max., Sunlight: 20,000 lux max.

Operating ambient temperature

-10 to +60°C (no freezing)

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85% RH (No condensation)


10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude: 1.5 mm , 2 hours each in the X, Y and Z axis

Shock resistance

100 m/s2 in X, Y, and Z directions, 3 times respectively


Housing: PBT, Lens: acrylic, Terminal cover: Polysulfone


Transmitter: Approx. 70 g
Receiver: Approx. 90 g

Transmitter: Approx. 70 g
Receiver: Approx. 95 g

Approx 95 g

Approx 100 g

Approx 95 g

Approx 100 g

*1 Opaque materials of 3 x 6 mm with slit plate attached (at detecting distance of 1.5 m )
*2 ON-delay, OFF-delay, and One-shot modes are selectable.

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