Manual-Calibration Fibreoptic Sensor

FS-V/T/M series (FS01)

Food and Packaging Industries

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Keyence FU-77

Keyence FU-77

Detection of Barcode Labels on Mount

A ToughFlex FU-77 fibre unit with the long detecting distance lenses detects barcode labels on a mount. Since the FU-77 lens is used, sensitivity can be easily changed even if mount thickness varies.

Keyence FS-V20 Series

Keyence FS-V20 Series

Detection of Double-fed Containers

Double-fed containers are detected to prevent production of defective products. The FS-V20 fibre optic sensor in TURBO mode with an F-2 lens and FU-77 fibre unit are used. The light beam passes through the target only when a single styrofoam container is fed.

Keyence FU-12

Keyence FU-12

Control of Hoop Material Transfer Speed

Conventionally, an ordinary fibre unit controls the hoop material transfer speed. However, detection errors are eliminated due to the FU-12's wide beam spot.

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