Products used for machine control including counters and programmable logic controllers.

KV Nano series - Programmable Logic Controller

Reasonably-priced package type, high-speed, highly-functional PLC

Visual KV series - Super-small Programmable Logic Controller with Built-in Display

Industry's first PLC with a built-in data window for real time monitoring and changing of program parameters

KV-P series - Panel-mounted PLC with Built-in Display Functions

The Built-in-Display PLC incorporates display panels without sacrificing PLC functions

KV Nano Connector series - Programmable Logic Controller (Connector type)

New concept PLC with application adaptability in addition to convenience

CPU(building-block type) - CPU(building-block type)

The Ultra High-speed PLC Delivers Real-time Control

VT3 series - Touch Panel Display

Support equipment of more than 400 models from 23 vendors All models are compliant with RoHS

SV series - Servo Amplifier

Feedback speed, torque, rotation speed, and resolution are all best in the class

KV COM+ - PLC Software

Supports PLC data acquisition, transfer, and monitoring

Data acquisition, transfer, monitoring software for PLC

MS2 series - Compact Switching Power Supply

The MS2 series is designed to allow standard DIN rail mounting. There is no need to purchase any additional specialized brackets.

CU series - Control Unit

Simple input unit with power supply for sensor

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