High-speed Laser Scan MicrometerLS-5000 series


Sensor Head

[Discontinued model]

This model has been discontinued.

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Separate display

Light source


0.8 mW (FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10), 130 µW (IEC 60825-1)

Pulse duration

63 µs


670 nm

Transmitter/receiver classification

Measurement range

Light source


FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10

Class II Laser Product

IEC 60825-1

Class 2 Laser Product

Minimum detectable object

Transmitter/receiver distance

Measurement accuracy

±2 µm max. *1


±0.3 µm max. *2

Display repeatability

0.05 µm

Laser scan rate

1200 scans/sec

Laser scan velocity

121 m /sec

Laser scan range

Approx 46 mm

Light source


Red semiconductor laser (655 nm), 130µW output, Class 2 Laser Product (JIS C 6802)

Terminalblock input

Program switching input

Non-voltage input (contact/solid state)

Laser remote input



Measurement data output and control output

I/O board

Analogue voltage output

±10 V Output impedance: 100 Ω*3

7-level comparator output

Maximum NPN open-collector output: 100 mA (40 V) *4

Timing inputhold reset inputauto-zero settings/reset input

Non-voltage input (contact/solid state)*5

BCD board

BCD output

Measured data output (8 digits), maximum NPN open-collector output: 40 mA (30 V)*6

Major features

Measurement trend display, measurement status monitor, various measurement modes, self-timing, averaging, freely combinable calculation modes, measurement modes geared toward online operation, 16-program memory, etc.


Power voltage

24 VDC ±10 %

Current consumption

1.4A or less

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Operating ambient temperature

0 to +45°C

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85%, No condensation


Approx 1.4 kg (including base)

*1 When a round rod 10 mm in diameter is measured in a 10 mm x 20 mm measuring area.
*2 When the average number of measurements is set to 768 in a 10 mm x 20 mm measuring area.
*3 The I/O board is optional.
*4 The I/O board is optional.
BCD output is available as an option. Please inquire with KEYENCE.
*5 The I/O board is optional.BCD output is available as an option. Please inquire with KEYENCE.
*6 The I/O board and BCD board are supported as optional accessories

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