High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement SensorLK-G3000 series


Single unit type controller, PNP type


Select Language



Separate type



Single unit type

Head compatibility


Connectable number of heads

Two heads max.


Minimum display unit

0.01 μm

Display range

±9999.99 mm to ±9999.99 µm (selectable from six steps)

Display cycle

10 times/sec.

Terminal block

Analogue voltage output

±10 V x 2 outputs, output impedance 100 Ω

Analogue current output

4 to 20 mA x 2 outputs, maximum load resistance 350 Ω

Timing input

Voltage input for OUT1

Reset input

Auto-zero input

Laser remote interlock input

Non-voltage input

Comparator output

PNP open-collector output for OUT1

Alarm output

PNP open-collector output for OUT1 (N.C.)

Expansion connector

Timing input

Voltage input for OUT2

Reset input

Auto-zero input

Program switching input

Voltage input x 3 inputs

Laser-Off input

Voltage input for head A/head B

Comparator output

PNP open-collector output for OUT2

Alarm output

PNP open-collector output for OUT2 (N.C.)


Binary output

Measurement data output (21 bits)
OUT1/OUT2 selectable
PNP open-collector output

Strobe output

PNP open-collector output

Binary selector output

Binary selector input

Voltage input

RS-232C interface

Measurement data output and control I/O
(selectable up to the baud rate of 115200 bit/s)

USB interface

USB Revision 2.0, Full speed (USB1.1 compatible) compliant

Major functions

2-OUT simultaneous measurement function, Calculation function, Averaging function, Filter function, Calibration function, Measurement function, Auto-zero function, Sampling rate setting function, Mutual interference prevention function, Data storage function, 8-program memory function, Eco mode, ABLE setting function, Measurement target setting function, ABLE calibration function, Transparent object measuring surface selection function, Statistical computation function, Setup support software connection function, Head installation selection function, and others


Power voltage

24 V DC ±10%. Ripple (P-P): 10% max.

Maximum current consumption

When connecting one measurement head 500 mA or less /
When connecting two measurement heads 600 mA or less

Environmental resistance

Operating ambient temperature

0 to +50 °C

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85% RH (No condensation)


Approx. 480 g

*1 The output rating of the PNP open-collector: 50 mA Max. (30 V or less), residual voltage: 1.0 V or less
Voltage input rating: Maximum input rating: 26.4 V, ON voltage: 10.2 V, OFF current: 0.6 mA
Part of each input/output circuit of the LK-G Series is internally common. Be sure that no potential difference is generated between the common terminals due to the potential difference between wires or external devices.

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