Programmable Logic ControllerKV-7000 series


4-axis Pulse Train (Linear Interpolation Possible)


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Performance specification

Control method

Positioning (PTP : Point To Point) control (independent, linear interpolation), speed control (independent), speed control to positioning control (independent), synchronous control (KV-H20G)

Performance specifications

Positioning control

Number of control axes

4 axes/unit, 4 independent axes, 2 to 4 interpolation axes (linear)

Number of positioning points


Startup time

Independent operation : 1.5 ms, linear interpolation operation : 1.8 ms, circular interpolation operation (KV-H20G) : 4.0 ms

Performance specification

Position directive

±99,999,999 (pulse, mm, degree) incremental, absolute coordinate management range (-2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 pulse)

Performance specifications

Speed command

1 to 1,000,000p/s

Performance specification

Acceleration/deceleration rate

1 to 65,000 (instantaneous acceleration and deceleration will be performed when this is set to 65,000), control cycle : 2 ms
(p/s/ms, mm/s/ms, deg/s/ms)

Performance specifications

Acceleration/deceleration method

Linear, S-shaped sine curve

Pulse output format

Differential line-driver output (switchable between 1 pulse and 2 pulses)

High-speed counter unit

Memory backup

Flash ROM

Peripheral equipment

KZ-HP1 and KV-HPD1 teaching units, KV-HTC* and KV-HTE1 connector conversion units with terminal blocks (servo drivers by various manufacturers are supported), KV-H1HW parameter settings monitor software (supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows 98)


Test operation function, sensor interrupt inhibit function, continuous operation, shortcut rotation control

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