Programmable Logic ControllerKV-7000 series


High-precision A/D Conversion Unit, 4 Analog Input Channels


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Analogue I/O points

Input 4 point (differential input)

Analogue I/O range (resolution)

-10 to 10V (0.33 mV 1/60000)
0 to 10V (0.33 mV 1/30000)
0 to 5V (0.17 mV 1/30000)
1 to 5V (0.17 mV 1/24000)
0 to 20 mA (0.67 µA 1/30000)
4 to 20 mA (0.67 µA 1/24000)

Input resistance

Voltage: 5MΩ, Current: 250Ω

Conversion speed

80µs/2ch, 160µs/4ch
(the quickest 50µs/2ch, 100µs/4ch when data buffer function is used)



Voltage: ±0.05% of F.S., Current: ±0.05% of F.S.


Voltage: ±0.1% of F.S., Current: ±0.1% of F.S.

Insulation mode

Between the unit and CPU : optical coupler insulation
CH_A (0 and 1) and between CH_Bs (0 and 1) : optical coupler insulation*1

Max. input

Voltage: ±15V, Current: 30mA

Outside trigger input

Number of input points: 1 point input signal: NPN open circuit,
no voltage contact signal minimum on voltage: 1V
maximum OFF current : 0.1mA

Data buffer function

Data buffer period: 50µs - 3s
buffer data quanitity: maximum 10000 characters/ch
Synchronism: CH_A0 - CH_B0 and CH_A1 - CH_B1 have data synchronism

Special functions

Scaling, average processing (times designation, time designation, moving average, primary delay filtering), data offset, zero drift,
zero point amplitude limit, peak/valley value locking, comparator, breaking detection, data buffer, external trigger

Current consumption

220mA or less


Approx. 190g

*1 Uninsulated between CH_A0 and CH_A1, between CH_B0 and CH_B1.

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