Programmable ControllerKV-5000/3000 series


PID Temperature Adjustment Unit (Multi-input 4-channel)


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Number of temperature inputs



Thermocouple, platinum resistance thermometer*1

Temperature sensor type

Thermocouple : K, J, T, E, R, B, N, S, W5Re, W26Re; platinum resistance thermometer : JPt100, Pt100

Indication accuracy

±0.3% of F.S. ± 1 digit (at 25°C), ±0.7% of F.S. ± 1 digit (between 0 and 50°C)

Cold-junction temperature compensation precision


Sampling rate

125ms/ch (500ms/4ch)

Control cycle

1 to 100s

Operation mode

PID control (with auto calibration and 3-mode stabilizer functions), heating and cooling PID control (with auto calibration and 3-mode stabilizer functions), on/off control

Tuning method

PID auto calibration method


Transistor (NPN open-collector) output

Alarm output

Transistor (NPN open-collector) output*2

Alarm mode

Absolute value upper limit, absolute value lower limit, deviation upper limit, deviation lower limit, deviation upper limit non-excitation, deviation lower limit non-excitation, deviation upper and lower limits, within upper and lower limit deviation, absolute value upper limit non-excitation, absolute value lower limit non-excitation*3

Rated output load

30 VDC, 100 mA maximum

Leakage current (when output is OFF)

100 µA or less

Residual voltage (when output is ON)

1.5V or less

Current sensor (CT) input


Current measurement accuracy

±5% of the input value or ±2 A, whichever is larger

Insulation system

Photocoupler and transformer isolation between input and output, photocoupler and transformer isolation between input channels

Memory elements

EEPROM rewritable 1,000,000 times

Other functions

Heater disconnection warning, control loop disconnection warning, measured value bias, output limit, slope setting, manual reset, output control when an error occurs

*1 Can be set individually with each channel.
*2 When using heating and cooling control, alarm output is used as the cooling control output, so the alarm out cannot be used as the alarm output function.
*3 Wait operation ON/OFF can be selected in each alarm mode.
*4 Uses the KEYENCE OP-6694 current sensor. Current sensor sold separately.

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