Programmable ControllerKV-5000/3000 series


16-axis ML 2-compatible Positioning Motion Unit


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General specifications

Power voltage

Main unit : 24 VDC ±10% (supplied by the CPU unit), I/O side : 24 VDC ±10%

Operating ambient temperature

0 to +50°C (no freezing)*1*2

Operating ambient humidity

10 to 95%RH (no condensation)

Storage ambient temperature

-20 to +70°C*1

Storage ambient humidity

10 to 95%RH (no condensation)

Operating atmosphere

Minimal amount of dust and corrosive gas present

Operating altitude

2000m or less

Pollution degree


Noise resistance

1,500 Vp-p, pulse width : 1 µs, 50 ns (by way of a noise simulator), conforms to IEC standards (IEC 61000, 4-2/3/4/6)

Withstand voltage

1,500 VAC for 1 minute between the power supply terminal and the I/O terminals and between all the external terminals and the case, 500 VAC for 1 minute between the power supply terminal and the MECHATROLINK-II communication port and between the power supply terminal and FG (KV-ML16V)

Insulation resistance

50 MΩ or more (tested with a 500 VDC megger, between the PLC power supply terminal and the I/O terminals and between all the external terminals and the case)

Environmental resistance

Vibration resistance

Intermittent vibration: Frequency 5 to 9 Hz

Half amplitude : 3.5 mm*3

Intermittent vibration: Frequency 9 to 150 Hz

Acceleration : 9.8 m/s2*3

Continuous vibration: Frequency 5 to 9 Hz

Half amplitude : 1.75 mm*3

Continuous vibration: Frequency 9 to 150 Hz

Acceleration : 4.9 m/s2*3

Overvoltage category

II (when the KV-U7 is being used)

Allowable power flicker time

10 ms (conforms to the CPU unit)

Current consumption

Main unit : 200 mA or less, when the KV-HPD1 is connected : 290 mA or less, external I/O : 120 mA or less


Approx 220g

Performance specifications

Positioning control

Number of control axes

16 (total of virtual and nonvirtual axes)

Control cycle

0.5 ms (2 axes or less), 1.0 ms (4 axes or less), 1.5 ms (6 axes or less), 2.0 ms (8 axes or less), 2.5 ms (12 axes or less), 3.0 ms (16 axes or less)

Connectable CPU unit


Max. number of connectable units


Appropriated device

[16 axes used] Relay : 2,688 (168 channels); data memory : 222 words (high-speed), 1,242 words (simple) [8 axes used] Relay : 1,644 (104 channels); data memory : 222 words (high-speed), 762 words (simple) [4 axes used] Relay : 1,152 (72 channels); data memory : 222 words (high-speed), 522 words (simple)

Output format


Maximum output pulse

Control mode

Position control, torque control, speed control, ML-II command, ML-II I/O control

External interface

Input : photocoupler, output : open collector (30 VDC, 50 mA); MECHATROLINK-II port

Input time constant

Each input can be set to 1 of 11 levels per block

Axis control function execution method

Ladder program, motion flow

Motion flow

Block type

Positioning control, synchronous control, detailed control, speed control, torque control, origin returning, data transfer, subroutine, standby, current coordinate change, speed change, target coordinate change, detailed control reading, start, end, selection branching, parallel branching, convergence

Program capacity


Maximum amount of blocks

Total from all flows : 256

Maximum amount of flows


Amount of coactivity

Number of axes that can be connected × 2

Position unit

mm, deg (angle), PLS (number of pulses), decimal point position : digit 0 to 9, unit conversion function present

Cumulative address

-2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647, specified unit

Positioning control

Positioning mode

Absolute value, relative value

Position setting range

-2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647, specified unit


Linear interpolation (16 axes maximum), circular interpolation, helical interpolation

Single operation address

-2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647, specified unit

Acceleration/deceleration curve

Line, S-shape, Bezier

Acceleration/deceleration time

0 to 65535ms

Startup time

Independent and interpolation : 2 or 3 control cycles (when the first axis starts), cache start : 1 or 2 control cycles


1 to 65,000, WITH/AFTER mode

Number of points


Synchronization control


Counter (requires the KV-MX1), specified coordinate, current coordinate (KV-ML16V only)


Direct, sliding, tracking (selectable)


Resolution : 2,048 to 32,768, number of data entries : 4 to 64 (varies depending on the resolution)

Contact output

16 (among which 8 are external output) × 2

Compensation during operation

Compensation, phase compensation, or advanced angle compensation according to the auxiliary input

Fine control

Fine data workpiece area


Internal ROM capacity


Number of settings

Built-in ROM : 100, SD memory card : 1,000

Data capacity of 1 setting

Built-in ROM : 512 kB, SD memory card : 8 MB (requires the KV-MX1)

Origin return

Origin return method

Origin sensor edge or midpoint, push-against origin returning, near-point detector (specifiable as having or not having Z-phase) method, data set method

Speed control

Speed command range

-1000000 to 1000000 (x0.01min-1)

Torque control

Torque command range

-80000 to 80000 (x0.01%)


Inching (the number of pulses can be specified), JOG (high-speed, low-speed)


Current coordinate teaching; supports direct teaching from the current counter value

Memory data

800 points (per axis) of point parameter data, synchronous parameter (per axis), detailed settings (512 kB built-in ROM, SD card expansion possible), cam data, motion flow settings, etc.; settings can be read and written during RUN mode (with some limitations)

High-speed counter

When the KV-MX1 is connected, INC, 4/ABS gray, 2 (switchable according to the settings), 6.4 MHz maximum (2-phase 4×)

5 V power output

Output display

Error status, MECHATROLINK-II communication status

Self-diagnosis function

Diagnoses can be performed according to hardware errors, various parameter errors, error numbers, and messages.

Data backup

Backup of coordinates and the error/warning history, parameter settings backed up to flash ROM, rewritable 100,000 times

Supported units

Input frequency

Number of counter points

Parameter settings

Settings can be made from the KV-HPD1, KV STUDIO, and ladder programs.

Communication specifications

Communication standard


Transmission speed


Number of ports

Only a 1-port terminal connection is supported.

MECHATROLINK-II communication specifications

Maximum transmission distance

15 slaves or less : 50 m, 16 slaves : 30 m, repeater extension possible

Communication specifications

Min. distance between stations

0.5 m

Transmission media/cable

Dedicated 2-core shielded twisted pair cable

Number of connected stations

Up to 16 slaves; 32-byte mode : 0.5 ms (2 axes or less), 1.0 ms (4 axes or less), 1.5 ms (6 axes or less), 2.0 ms (8 axes or less), 2.5 ms (12 axes or less), 3.0 ms (16 axes or less); 17-byte mode : not supported

MECHATROLINK-II communication specifications

Data length

32-byte mode

*1 This is the guaranteed range of the system.
*2 This is regulated according to the temperature below the control panel unit.
*3 Conforms to JIS B 3502, IEC61131-2
Number of sweeps : 10 times respectively in the X, Y, and Z directions (100 minutes)

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