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CV-X series - Intuitive Vision System

State-of-the-art algorithms are available for anyone.
Quick and easy setup.
One system can handle all applications due to the wide variety of supporting products.

XG-X series - Customizable Vision System

XG-X Series not only offers high-speed, high-resolution cameras but can also be connected seamlessly to line scan camera and 21M pixel camera for high-accuracy inspection, providing powerful solutions for a variety of problems that arise in manufacturing.

LR-W series - Self-Contained Full-Spectrum Sensor

This Full-Spectrum sensor features unmatched detecting capabilities that allows it to complete the simplest to the most complex applications with ease.

Featured Shows

April 24, 2017
  • The Usage of Robots with Vision
  • Get Profile Measurement Easily
  • IOT Can Be Small Too
  • Digital Microscope for Resin, Screw, Wire Harness...
  • Time of Flight (TOF) Detection Method
  • Printing Requirements on Metal?
  • A Significant Drop in Measurement Time
  • Handheld Scanner Collection
  • Vision Sensor - Affordably Charged
April 17, 2017
  • A Very Thin Contact Sensor
  • It's Not Too Late to Start Traceability
  • The Latest Microscopy Advancements
  • Guidebook to Choose the Right Sensor
  • 2D Code Verification Handbook
  • Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Vol. 3
  • It Has a Magical Button
  • High-speed PLC Performance
  • 100% Inspections of Dimensions
April 10, 2017
  • All You Need To Know About Static
  • Big Impacts using Different Vision Lights
  • Axis Control Programming Made Easier
  • Laser Marker - 3 Axis Control
  • A New Standard for Barcode Reading
  • Comparison to Profile Projector & Measuring Microscope
  • What's So Good about Digital Microscope?
  • The Advantages of 2D Measurement

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Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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